Under the Hood

Yes, this is the obligatory ABOUT page. I call it "Under the Hood" because you want to see what lies beneath the shiny exterior of the home page. It also harkens back to my flying days when "under the hood" meant learning to fly on instruments. It reminds me that there is reality beyond what our senses tell us.

So – be my guest, take a look.

I have a Master of Science degree in Biology, and was a faculty member at North Carolina State University and the University of Houston, where I taught biology, zoology, anatomy and vision science. After earning a Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Houston, I joined CIBA VISION (now ALCON, a Novartis division) and conducted clinical research, provided technical and sales training, managed creative services, and served as a medical liaison to the legal, regulatory and marketing departments. This is where I honed my expertise in medical writing, medical education, DTC promotion, audio/video production, advertising, sales and marketing.

I learned about running a business when I was in private practice – managing employees, vendors and customers while delivering state of the art eye care to my patients.

With relocation as a catalyst, I launched a career in biomedical communications, learning the ropes of entrepreneurship. The business evolved, along with the ever-increasing need for high quality messages in ever-changing formats. This opened new doors into designing and creating media-driven content across varied platforms, audiences and business sectors.

Along the way, I learned how storytelling humanizes and energizes any message (even scientific papers!) because it's how the human brain is wired to learn. And I discovered how the art of kairos optimizes resonance with the audience. KAIROS Concepts was born.

Now I create web content for great clients the world over. I can handle a wide range of subjects and projects. Specialty niches include business and healthcare communications. When a project calls for it, I have access to a team of media professionals: graphic artists, web designers, photographers, filmmakers and music producers.

Life spirals into new directions - a golden ratio derived from the sum of the parts. My vision is helping people tell their stories and resonate with their audience. My mission is to increase the likelihood of that happening through messages created with kairos in mind.​

Kairos is a Greek word about a moment of unique opportunity
when the right
message at the right time achieves a desired goal.